Water damage is probably among the last thing that any property owner would like to handle. Keep in mind that this issue can occur easily especially if your gutters are not functioning well. Your gutters are what keep your foundation, roof, and siding dry. But then you get malfunctioning and substandard gutters, you may experience issues with them. Below are a few indicators that your gutters are in tip-top shape according to the?Rockford IL gutters?repair experts: 

No signs of rust or stains 

When your gutters have served you for a long time already, they could be at the end of their lifespan. So, make sure to regularly inspect your gutters for signs of rust and/or stains. Once you can observe such issues, it only means that your gutters are falling short in doing their intended purpose and keeping your house from water damage. In this case, you need to contact an expert gutter contractor as soon as possible.? 

Clean basement 

Don’t forget to inspect your basement regularly for signs of mildew or mold along the walls. When you can spot any development of such pollutants, your gutter is more likely not doing a good job of transporting the water farther from your home foundation. Know that this can be a major issue since your foundation should always be kept dry to maintain its integrity. If you do a gutter repair and the issue persists, you may consider installing a new gutter system now.? 

Sides are intact 

When your home’s sides are experiencing rotting wood pieces on your door jambs or window sill or peeling paint, then there’s a high chance that your gutters are already out of order for a long time. Once excess water will flow over a particular part of your property for a long time, it could result in expensive repair needs and water damage issues.? 


After the rain stops, head outdoors and try to check the underside of your gutters. If you see that they are dry, then that’s good news for you. However, if you can see that your gutter’s underside is wet even if it is not raining, that could be a warning sign that it leaks somewhere. No matter if it’s a crack or a hole, a leaking gutter indicates that water is falling where it’s not supposed to be.? 

No sagging 

High-quality gutters are intended to be attached near to your roof to properly and effectively drain precipitation. When your gutters are pulling away from your roofing or sagging, they’re not doing as they are supposed to and might be damaged. Most of the time, it’s easy to fix a sagging gutter especially when you let the gutter repair experts do it for you. 

When you observe one or more of the issues mentioned in this article, never think twice to reach out to the professional gutter repair contractors right away. With their help, your gutters and your home can return to normal in no time.?